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Independence retained

Serving our future and our people

We believe in the independence of local government in Bendigo today and tomorrow ... an independent city and councillors beholden to no government.

We believe and support efficient delivery of council services for all residents

We believe in council office consolidation and advocate for the original 1970 Lyttleton Terrace building plans to be implemented - remodelling the existing Bendigo-owned offices and adding two more floors.

We believe paying the rent to the State Government is simply a punitive and unnecessary tax on the residents of Bendigo.

We believe that Bendigo's proud and passionate reputation as the regional city that has contributed the most to Victoria's growth since the gold rush must be cherished, promoted and advanced ... with out obligation to any government.


Government can pay for

its own GovHub

We welcome the Victorian Government building a GovHub for delivery of its services only in Bendigo.

But, like is happening in Ballarat, we rightly expect the Government the fully finance the development.

Government should never expect Bendigo to rollover and pay its bills.

There is ample State Government land in Bendigo that can be developed for its GovHub.

Bendigo can not be the tenant mouthpiece for any government ... especially one tucked away in the Victorian splendour of Spring Street and built with money from the Bendigo goldfields.

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