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Sadly, not to be

Here's part of what Bendigo Alliance president Max Turner has to say in the edition of Bendigo Monthly now hitting the streets of Bendigo

Bendigo Citizens and Ratepayers held high hope for change at City Hall after

the last Council Elections. Sadly, not to be.

I well remember all the promises from most sitting and budding councillors

prior to the last Council election, and they’re behind the scenes promises

trying to gain our vote.

Remember: ‘I will support Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability’.

Some strongly supported change at the top.

There was an expectation that the new council would stand up and put

Bendigo first. What has changed since being elected?

I warned at the time that “This new council has been invested with trust from

the residents and ratepayers. That faith will quickly evaporate if Bendigo is

dished up the same distasteful and dismissive menu that characterized the

majority of previous councils”

I also wrote, “Council should end the charade of councilors giving reports at

meetings. Be like other probing and inquiring councils across Victoria and

replace reports with questions of the CEO and directors – return the initiation

of new projects and actions back to residents and their elected


There is no place in the new council for an inferior model of democracy that

has only served to shut out questions and concerns of residents. Good

Governance, Transparency and Accountability must be the order of the day.”

Sad to say, nothing has changed. Much is the responsibility of the CEO.

Mr Niemann came to City of Greater Bendigo in 2005, and was appointed CEO


After his appointment council carelessly indulged in a spending spree. Rates

increased 32.6% between 2006/07 and 2011/12, and employee costs rose by

42% from $31 million to $44 million. Residents can thank recent years’ rate

capping stopping that trend, much to the CEO’s displeasure expressed on more

than one occasion.

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