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The Bendigo Alliance has received congratulations for doing what City of Greater Bendigo Council will not - engage with the people, listen to the people, allow questions to be asked and seek the best for the city.

Carol H has written about our Virtual Town Hall meetings:

"Thank you for your two huge page advertisements in the Bendigo Monthly. It has given me the opportunity of supporting a public objection to the so called GovHub.

We have only be given from councillors slovenly information of what is going on and on some issues we were just given the option of filling in their email form which often allowed nothing else.

I support our right to ask questions about the GovHub and I support your seven questions published in the Bendigo Monthly.

I have been told by other older citizens that when the present council building was constructed that it allowed a further two storeys to be added at any time later. This must be shown in some plans or documents. This needs this two storey addition needs to be done and if more room is still required the building could be extended to the east side and could also allow for underground parking. But I thought the council was supporting bike riding and using public buses!

I thank you for organizing a virtual Town Hall Meeting this Saturday … I remember the wonderful public meetings that used to be held in the old Town Hall when main issues occurred. People came out, they had questions to ask, one learnt a lot of what citizens knew, what they wanted and how different voices were received by both councillors and the attendees.

Thank you once again for making sure public views can be heard and written up in the Bendigo Monthly as we can no longer count on the Bendigo Advertiser."

Join us for the next Virtual Town Hall Meeting tomorrow Saturday 16 May at 11am live on our facebook page Bendigo Reacts to GovHub

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