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GREATER Bendigo residents have voted for greater consultation and engagement on major decisions

by the new city council, said Bendigo Alliance president Max Turner.

Mr. Turner said election results announced last week saw a majority of councilors elected for the

first time was a strong sign residents expected better for Bendigo and surrounding communities

from their council.

“Voters have opted to retain some councilors but bring new faces to the council table who have

campaigned on a platform of listening to the community,” he said.

Mr. Turner said the new council would face a level of scrutiny not seen for many years from

residents angry and disappointed that previous councils have simply bowed to demands from paid

staff and the State Government.

“This new council has been invested with trust from the residents and ratepayers. That faith will

quickly evaporate if Bendigo is dished up the same distasteful and dismissive menu that

characterized the majority of previous councilors,” he said.

“There is an expectation that the new council stands up and puts Bendigo first, that there is greater

support for our small businesses which employ thousands of local people but are often overlooked

by council when purchasing products and views and concerns they hold dismissed.

“And the new council should end the charade of councilors giving reports at meetings. Be like other

probing and inquiring councils across Victoria and replace reports with questions of the CEO and

directors – return the initiation of new projects and actions back to residents and their elected


“There is no place in the new council for an inferior model of democracy that has only served to shut

out questions and concerns of residents. Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability must

be the order of the day.”

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1 Comment

Nov 10, 2021

GCB raising our residential rates annually to give themselves pay rises and bonuses and for what? Council building scrapped behind closed doors, no one knows who is paying to build the new one, probably China! ….and who receives the $80Ml and rising rent over 30yrs ? Ballarat miles ahead owning their Gov Hub. Does CGB think it’s rate payers have an endless money pit to keep paying increasing rates and charges each year. Council would do well to start paying their own way, try increasing tourism and stop commercialisation of our Heritage buildings…does Council really think we have made it big time with bright yellow advertising on our city buildings, bright pink advertising, massive signage.. it’s just getting w…

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