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Bunch does a Magoo – blind to community anger

As support for the Bendigo community petition grows by the day – there are already more pages than some newspapers could ever dream of printing – the Bendigo Bunch keeps pretending it is blind to anger over their decision to sell our land and buildings at a knockdown price to the State Government for a dud GovHub.

This is a council that, like the Hargreaves Mall debacles and the botched Carter farm move, is losing sight of the real needs of the renters and ratepayers who foot the bill for every disaster this Bunch endorses.

They’re out of focus with the proper role of a local council and it’s getting worse. Why even poor old Mr Magoo would have more hope of regaining 2020 vision than the Bendigo Bunch.

That’s a lot of the problem. The Bendigo Bunch can just see into next year when their GovHub project partner the State Government says work will start demolishing our city home in Lyttleton Terrace while the Spring Street masters duck around the corner to deposit the cheque council is handing straight back after the sale.

And the Bendigo Bunch would be hoping hell to high water that all the smoke, mirrors and spin of this flawed project – remember they refuse to release a business plan on selling the land let along becoming a high-rent paying tenant in a GovHub – will divert the hardened steel focus of voters from their attempts to be re-elected at the November 2020 polls. We have a message for them: No hope.

Poor vision, bad focus and damaging bumps into unmitigated disasters can be no excuse for the Bendigo Bunch’s refusal to acknowledge their abdication of good governance and corporate responsibility.

They failed to consult the Bendigo community on the sale of our land and buildings before making a very bad decision.

The Bendigo Bunch can try but they cannot ignore the signatures pouring in everyday demanding council and government put a halt to this bad GovHub concept until the business plans are released and there is finally consultation on the future of our hard-earned assets.

Let’s put the focus back on Bendigo and not an agenda dictated by absentee landlords of the State Government in Melbourne.

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