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Calamity Marg spends and spends and spends

The Bendigo Bunch spend until they get the answer to please their State Government masters.

And they keep trotting out the same old flawed statements thinking they are justifying an appalling decision to sell the Lyttleton Terrace council offices to the government, don’t bother banking the cheque and then pay high rent to be in some half-empty dud GovHub.

That’s right, after all the chatter from Bendigo’s lovers of red curtains Mayor O’Rourke and embattled Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allen, council has confirmed that of the so-called 100 new jobs from GovHub there are in fact only 55.

Yes, you read that right. In responding to concerns from on council’s facebook page this week, council said just that. We are awaiting the missing person bulletin as a search begins to find the other 45.

Or is it just another case of bad maths from Jacinta Allan who has a worse track record on getting the numbers right than the punctuality of trains on the Bendigo line since the double track between here and Kyneton was ripped up for a slower fast train.

The thing is Jacinta, our claims to be our local MP, and Mayor O'Rourke will seemingly stop at nothing to get their way, imposing projects without consultation with the community.

GovHub is the classic example. The Bendigo Bunch spent $98,000 of our hard-earned dollars to get Price Waterhouse Coopers to do a report on sites but not getting the answers they wanted, consigned the document to the Town Hall basement and commissioned another report. At what cost? They won't say, again.

More than $150,000 of ratepayer money wasted.

This is money that could have paid for the cost of barricades to keep the Bendigo Fun Run going around the streets of the CBD or have meant there was no need to increase the cost of parking in the CBD this year or dare we say it, a lower rate increase. Heaven forbid!

The Mayor continues to preside over a real calamity here in Bendigo.

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