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Council admits cash blackhole in GovHub partnership

Just after City of Greater Bendigo spin doctors tried to shut down democracy and free speech with a draconian edict on facebook threatening to delete any more questions from concerned residents, the same holders of Corn Flake diplomas have let the cat out of the bag.

There’s a big gaping black hole in the dud $100 million GovHub partnership with the State Government.

In answer to a facebook question on Wednesday 17 October - no more questions they once said before the heat of some media was applied – this is what they said:

“Council will invest a one-off cost of up to $7.285M (this amount takes into account the proceeds from the sale of the land, so is in addition to the sale proceeds). “The $7.285M will cover fit out costs (desks, chairs, computers, printers etc.) and temporary accommodation costs for City staff. Council will continue to advocate to the Victorian Government to increase its contribution to this cost. If this is not possible, the cost will be spread over two or three financial years.”

So it’s now official. The Bendigo Bunch, apart from giving away our land and buildings so government can knock them down and make a profit at our expense, it is preparing to put their hands into their pockets …. oops, that should be our pockets.

They’re looking for more of our money to bail out a debt-ridden State Government. How much more, that is the question and surely one Mayor O’Rourke, CEO Niemann and the current local MP, the Honourable Jacinta Allan, cannot avoid.

The Bendigo Bunch is pushing ahead on a dud deal, cutting corners, refusing to release information and spending money they don’t have unless our rates take another big whack.

And they think it’s a good deal! They’ve been watching too many reruns of Fantasy Island, trying to make the grass look green in Bendigo when the only time you will see that colour is behind the ears of the Bendigo Bunch who won't demand information of government and answer reasonable questions.

Remember, the Ballarat GovHub is not costing that council a cent, will be on land the government already owns and will see the government moving 600 new jobs to our regional rival. It’s okay says the CEO, Bendigo’s getting 100 new jobs, losing land and buildings and handing over millions to the government. And by the way, on Bendigo council’s own figures, Ballarat’s economy will be $1 billion (YES WITH A B) better off.

Now the big question is: How many millions? We now know its more than $7 million and the Bendigo Bunch cannot say how many more cheques it has to sign for the Government.

The dud GovHub concept has Bendigo Bunch set to outdo its stupendous disasters in the Hargreaves Mall and the Carter family farm.

The cost is high and ratepayers will be left with a very big and nasty bill.

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