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Councillors, tell us where you stand

Heathcote resident Colin Carrington has called on Bendigo councillors to state exactly where they stand on GovHub.

Here is his letter in the Bendigo Advertiser:

"Despite protestations and denials from the City of Greater Bendigo of community concern about their still unconfirmed sale of our city assets without consultation and approval of by residents, there are many people disturbed by by the silent treatment of questions on the GovHub.

Of real concern to so many is that apart from the three councillors who did not support council's in-principle decision more than a year ago, there are others who may want to be re-elected in October who have failed in meeting their obligation to talk publicly on this divisive decision.

The Eppalock Ward councillor Susie Hawke, who filled a mid-term vacancy, has nothing on the public record as to whether she supports or is against the sell-out of Bendigo to the State Government.

Cr Hawke has now had sufficient time to "settle in" on council and should take the lead by being open and transparent with voters on where she stands on a second-rate and costly GovHub model her Mayor and some fellow councillors want to impose on future generations.

We do not elect a Mayor or CEO to speak for us. That's what councillors are there to do and so far they have failed in discharging their primary obligation in regards to the GovHub."

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