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Economic vandals. 

Building signs gone.  Lawns being stripped and internals stripped out - that's what was our city-owned municipal offices in Lyttleton Terrace.

Thousands of dollars from about February being spent on rent at Bendigo Bank when as of the 28th July 2020 contracts of sale of the Land at 159-229 Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo had not been exchanged. 

If this was the real world (Private Enterprise) the CEO and Board would be sacked.

Would you engage CEO Niemann and the majority of councillors to be your Agent to sell?

Councillors who voted to sell our land for a song and get nothing for a building that Pricewaterhouse in a $90,000+ plus consultancy said building on two stories and extending the building was a preferred option to selling. 

Even worse at the end of the day the City will be renting for 20 – 40 years from an unknown owner of the Dud Govhub and be left with no equity and they reckon that it’s a good deal. 

How much rent? They will not say but believed to be starting at more than $2.5 million rental per year and not denied publicly.

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