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Emergency warning: family home at risk

The Bendigo Bunch – six councillors and the CEO – are obsessed with selling the council offices and land in Lyttleton Terrace to the State Government, knocking down the building and becoming a high-rent paying tenant in branch office GovHub for decades.


• Hand over the title of your home to government for cost of the land and see it demolished?

• Hand back the sale cheque to pay for new owners fitting out the building?

• Agree to rent forever a new home on the land you once owned while the developer and new owner make millions of dollars?

• Agree to do this against the recommendations of one of the most reputable consultancy firms in the country?

• Ask to see the business plan and want to be consulted on the sale of your home before council made a decision?

• Not divulge to family what rent will be paid on what was once the site of your family home.

• Refuse to consult your family and when they do ask questions, fob them off.

If you answer NO to any of these questions

Tell the Bendigo Bunch what you think of this dud deal

before it's too late

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