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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Unfortunately this survey was removed shortly after publication of this article. Perhaps it was a false alarm on consultation?
We have become aware that Bendigo Bunch is finally looking for some input as part of belated consultation on the dud GovHub.
They have launched a GovHub transportation survey and we are happy to assist council in spreading the word. You can have a say at

While primarily aimed towards more than 400 council staff already working in the CBD and several hundred who will be ripped out of the suburbs of Epsom and East Bendigo (creating more economic peril for businesses there), it is also a unique chance for the people of Bendigo to have their say.

People have previously only been given a say be on the colour of the curtains that will adorn the dud GovHub interior if council and government continue to ignore the views of Bendigo people with their wanton disregard to process, transparency and accountability.

And speaking of transparency, take a look at the survey and who Bendigo council is listing as likely tenants – we can almost guarantee some of those entities have no idea they are on the wish list.

Perhaps transparency has been washed away in the slumber dreams of the Bendigo Bunch to have us all riding the rusty trusty treadlies to work and making sure there are enough showers in the dud GovHub.

Like every step of this second-rate offering to Bendigo conceived, designed and endorsed in acts of betrayal by unelected CEO Craig Niemann, Mayor Margaret O’Rourke and Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan, we and you are totally gobsmacked that council has been asleep at the wheel for so long and are only now asking staff what could be in a costly extravagance they call GovHub.

This Bendigo nightmare, if not stopped, will haunt our great city – a city we love so much we will stand up for what is right today and tomorrow and not be intimidated at the sight and sound of a council-government spin machine careering out of control.

Anyway, the survey is open until 18 April … don’t miss this rare opportunity to tell council what you think.

We cannot guarantee they will listen but it’s certainly worth a try.


Some of the survey questions

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