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Ian knows it's hot air from MPs

There're good at ignoring the people of Bendigo and as good as putting up a smokescreen to bad deals for Bendigo, including the dud GovHub.

This is what people are saying in response to the misguided utterances of current members of Parliament who should be standing up for Bendigo.

Ian Sayer

All their hot air never mentioned the loss of ratepayer's assets and exorbitant rent , amounting to forty million dollars. Also no mention of total lack of consultation and transparency.


OH DEAR ME HAVE OUR COUNCIL JUMPED THE GUN ON THIS PROJECT, The building been empty for months now , we are RENTING out office space, and no decisions have been finalized, what does council know that they are not telling the residents of Bendigo. WE actually OWN that building. Council and Councillors STOP listening to the puppeteer CEO, think for your self's. THIS IS A DUD DEAL

Share your concerns on our social media page, with friends and contact councillors and MPs and the Bendigo Advertiser

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