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Updated: May 15, 2020

Exclusive independent modelling for the Bendigo Alliance reveals City of Greater Bendigo wants to commit ratepayers to forking out Melbourne commercial rental prices if they sellout for the dud GovHub.

More than $2 million every year will be handed over to the State Government or a private investor should the council move from landowner to tenant in Lyttleton Terrace where the city’s home has been since 1971.

On Wednesday council have a final vote – to blindly accept the recommendation of highly-paid staff who have not offered to take a salary reduction during the COVID-19 crisis or stand up for the independence of Bendigo.

If they vote against the people of Bendigo what will there be to show for it after 40 years? Nothing, no asset no nothing for Bendigo.

Council can dress up this issue any way they like but no amount of window dressing can avoid the costly mistake they are about to make.

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