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It’s a knockout for Bendigo Bunch

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Diversionary tactics are coming to the fore from the Bendigo Bunch as they fear scorching heat being applied as one disastrous revelation after another punches huge holes in their bloody-minded snubbing of the views of Bendigo people to dud GovHub.

With diminished courage that would shame Abednego, the 19th century boxer whom legend says gave us our name after a poll of ratepayers ditched the moniker of Sandhurst, the Bendigo Bunch appears to have flippant disregard for process when it comes to this Melbourne-imposed profit-making scheme for the State Government.

They have only decided “in principle” to sell our land and buildings to the government and hand over any money made to become a tenant in this inferior GovHub model while paying top commercial rent to the government or some foreign-owned investor who buys for a bargain price.

Yet they have already announced the Bunch will lease office space from the Bendigo Bank as temporary accommodation. Still no business plan, still no costings.

They have also announced when the wreckers will move in and demolish the Lyttleton Terrace building.

And they have also, apparently, began to take soil tests on the Lyttleton Terrace site.

All this before there has been an actual committed decision to sell the land. Entering into leases and agreements, or at least making announcements, show wilful disregard for proper process and further betrayal of the views and best interests of Bendigo people.

The Bendigo Bunch, officially referred to by government as project partners in dud GovHub, refuse to release any business plans let alone consult their employers, the residents and ratepayers of Bendigo.

Instead, the frazzled and dazzled Bendigo Bunch have gone out as social engineers that outdoes the antics from the AFL, talking about issues that have nothing to do with local government and it appears, judging by reaction to media articles over the weekend, bring into question the city’s reputation forged on the goldfields and enhanced through the generations.

What those reactions show is that Bendigo people are fed up with the Bendigo Bunch not focussing on the jobs they were elected to do and highest on the list of all, representing the best interests of the city.

They won’t consult, listen or help. But they will hinder and seek to deflect.

But it’s clear whether it’s GovHub or any other self-inflicted disaster they create, the residents of Bendigo are lining to deliver a knockout blow to the Bendigo Bunch who have proven incapable of listening to the people.

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1 Comment

Bill Knight
Bill Knight
Sep 02, 2019

Another huge scam by the city of greater Bendigo to its ratepayers, I can understand building new council offices but a government hub it belies belief

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