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It’s an F: fool-hardy fails for Bunch boss

The Bendigo Bunch has just completed another appalling year of falling grades and demonstrated that yet again, they simply cannot join the dots in decency and commonsense when it comes to administering in good faith the best interests of the people of Bendigo.

Their backing of Jacinta Allan’s dud GovHub is just another millstone dragging down our once great city along the path littered with discontent and disgust.

Why even the Bunch’s fancy join the dot advertisement about relocation of City of Greater Bendigo customer service desk relocating from Lyttleton Terrace to Hopetoun has suddenly stopped referencing the reason and CEO Craig Niemann dips the head deeper into the mire of quicksand and Mayor O’Rourke eyes securing a fifth term in the top chair and avoid any drama that might sink her.

But the wise people of Bendigo are waking up and fast to the disastrous leadership of the Bunch and their contempt for people, their views, their questions and their concerns that the Bunch is betraying Bendigo as part of a long-hatched plot to have council roll over to the beck and call of Ms Allan and the State Government of the severely embattled Daniel Andrews.

Let’s look at a few facts that add to the compelling case against council doing the right thing – taking the people into their confidence for starters – when it comes to dud GovHub.

These facts all point to the deal being done by someone without authority and on our city’s behalf with the State Government, long before council even voted in principle back in February 2019 to sell out to Spring Street.

Back in June 2018 City of Greater Bendigo advertised a new job – project manager for GovHub. Now if this is not a council project, why are we employing the project manager? Would the F-graded council be able to answer that?

And what about the constant changes being made to the FAQ document on council’s own website about the dud GovHub?

On our recking, hardly a month not gone by without council changing words here and there in a dangerous game that is angering so many people.

And the Government doesn’t get off the hook either. After months of embarrassment at revelations here on, they suddenly deleted the section about GovHub being a partnership with council.

Seriously, they’ve made so many changes to the “story” they no longer know what to believe … and we certainly don’t believe a word.

Afterall when Jacinta Allan announced her grand GovHub she said 1000 new government jobs were coming to the CBD.

Well more than 400 are already there, potential tenants have rejected her discordant overtures to move and only 55 new jobs have been confirmed to date.

Any wonder Bendigo Bunch and Government are getting abysmal report cards. For Bendigo, councillors costing $12,000 above average for a below average performance says it all.

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