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After four years as Bendigo Bunch chief betrayer, Mayor Margaret O’Rourke has had the temerity to proclaim on her facebook page that there are candidates standing against her who are not good enough to be on council.

She’s been challenged to name them but in typical council fashion, just like questions on dud GovHub, she had replied with silence. A wall of silence. A brick wall as thick as.

Well kind off. Self-promoting pedestal Margaret has been so busy liking lots of candidate facebook posts she’s let the cat out of the bag … her many facebook interactions show her favoured, preferred candidates who are on the same page of selling out Bendigo independence and being obedient servants of the Andrews State Government.

It’s like the candidates she wants elected will be quarantined in a vacuum disconnected from providing residents of Bendigo with robust independence.

Now we have been sent photographs that she is bookending the council campaign of Bendigo newcomer Brett Mitchell, appearing either side of him in an over-size (a size against regulations we might add) sign that has appeared in the front yard of a Bendigo MP.

It seems Mr Mitchell, until last month according to his own public profile, was employed by Bendigo Labor MP Lisa Chesters.

Yet Mr Mitchell was quoted in the Bendigo Advertising saying he was an independent candidate.

Worked for Ms Chesters (sadly, Ms Chesters’ partner Matt Emond has cut and ran from council to avoid voter scrutiny over his doing the bidding of Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan in the GovHub sellout), and is in cahoots with Mayor O’Rourke …

Of what a web of intrigue and subterfuge Mayor O’Rourke is weaving in her campaign to inflict another four years of bad decisions, poor representation and totally out of control obedience to CEO Niemann and the Andrews Government.

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