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Mayor O'Rourke betrays with silence

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

More three weeks ago we wrote to every councillor for the City of Greater Bendigo … individually, alone, on their own, one at a time. We posed very serious concerns and questions to these nine councillors, our elected representatives, and request that they provide a reply … individually, one their own, alone, one at a time.

Now heard there was one of those behind-closed-doors meetings, the same type CEO Craig Niemann attached with State Government types a few years back when he was co-architect of the costly and unfunded dud GovHub now being imposed on Bendigo without any community consultation -  a clapped out model of GovHub that virtually gives away our land and buildings to the government.

When councillors assembled, they must have discussed our letter for within hours we were contacted by several councillors who informed the Mayor would be responding on their behalf.

Then, surprise surprise, in came an official email edict from Mayor Margaret O’Rourke who made it clear that she would be responding on behalf of all councillors in due course, in the fullness of time.

What will be in her reply to us, if one comes at all? Better not be more fluff and puff.

This current mayor won’t answer our questions – fully and comprehensively honestly and openly.

What a sad state of affairs from the Bendigo Bunch, cutting corners and shutting people out when it comes to having a say on bulldozer tactics to deprive the city of an asset today and into the future.

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