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Mayoral words 'of no value'

Former respected Mayor Alec Sandner wrote direct to Mayor O'Rourke pointing out problems with the dud GovHub scheme council will vote on this Wednesday.

Her reply wasd so devoid of fact and addressing the big issues that Alex fired straight back to set her straight.

He wrote:

Your letter makes no comment on any of the significant issues I raised.
This Gov Hub should not go ahead as it is not in the best interest of ratepayers despite all the reports etc of council officers. They have made the decision to proceed and have drip fed information to convince elected councillors that it should.
The corona\virus restrictions have prevented public meetings which would have shown you the extent of ratepayer concerns. Your letter refers to "strong community support" which is a subjective statement where the interpretation is influenced by personal opinions. It is a statement of no value.
It appears to me that you and a majority of you fellow councillors have passed the authority granted to you by ratepayers to the council staff who are not responsible to ratepayers.

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