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More empty desks a chance in dud GovHub

Just how many State Government jobs will be left for member for Bendigo East to rip out of Epsom and supplant into her dud GovHub with only one in-principle confirmed rent-paying tenant the City of Greater Bendigo?

Jacinta and Big Boss Daniel Andrews keep talking about hundreds of government jobs but so far only 55 new jobs have been confirmed and the government keeps taking the axe to its departments with a regional and rural focus.

Even the Bendigo Advertiser chose to report that up to eight jobs in Bendigo could be lost under a reported plan to cut 49 "surplus" jobs in Agriculture Victoria's research division.

The research and technical positions are in salinity and groundwater research, based at Epsom.

Jacinta Allan now needs to fess up and tell the residents of Bendigo the true number of jobs that will be left in Bendigo to rip out of the suburbs to prop up this rust-bucket scheme that betrays Bendigo and puts the Bendigo Bunch totally at the call of the State Government.

Council, once touted as a partner in GovHub, now reduced to nothing but the intermediary cashcow for government to make bigger profits at the expense of the people of Bendigo.

We wouldn’t sell the family home but the Bendigo Bunch is happy to hand over land, buildings and chattels … and a multi-million dollar cheque to boot to make Ms Allan’s dream a reality.

Oh, and any shortfall in the scheme the Bendigo Bunch has already said the residents of Bendigo will shell out a few million more.

The way the State Government is ditching jobs in Bendigo, this once great city looks like funding ghost desks in dud GovHub.

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