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Nero Niemann: no hero to the people of Bendigo

An avid reader of has contributed their views on the current and seemingly never-ending betrayal of Bendigo by the Bunch and the CEO … and quite frankly, his sentiments are probably spot on.

With an eye for history and the knowledge that former great cities have been destroyed over the centuries when the best interests of the populace are relegated to second place, our avid reader has compared CEO Craig Niemann to the Roman emperor Nero who legend has it played his fiddle while the city burned.

Our reader wrote: “Thanks for getting the real information out on how bad this horrible GovHub will be for Bendigo and how closely tied to the disaster is one Bendigo CEO Mr Craig Niemann.

“If only there was more hard-hitting investigative journalism in some sections of the media in Bendigo who would pick up on the evidence you have produced linking Mr Niemann as a co-architect of the GovHub concept. I thank you for illustrating so well how Mr Niemann and the Bendigo council have really betrayed Bendigo.

“I am fearful that not enough Bendigo people have yet woken up to the bad deal and how Bendigo will lose a highly valuable asset in the CBD and then be forced to rent space in a building they have not been bothered to ask if we want.

“All we seem to hear in Bendigo is council stuff up after council stuff up. It’s been going on for years and the whole time it’s been Mr Niemann calling the shots for council. The cosy relationship between council and Jacinta Allan almost points to Mr Niemann doing the spadework for a State Government MP.

“Oh how I despair that the once great Bendigo is being diminished while Nero Niemann plays the tune for the government. He’s forgotten about us the people of Bendigo.”

Here at, what more can we say than those erudite words sent in by a reader signing themselves at BDB.

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