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No benefit: Dud GovHub slammed

Former Marong councillor Doug Harrison has made these observations on More local concern the Bendigo Bunch ignore at their peril and they blindly ignore the people for their own extravagant agenda and lead the city into another disaster.

Here is what Doug wrote:

I am a former Councillor of the Rural City of Marong. I do NOT agree with the concept of a "GovHub".

The City of Greater Bendigo came into existence in c 1991. It consolidated the old Bendigo Council area plus part Rural City of Marong (Kangaroo Flat - Maiden Gully- Marong) + Borough of Eaglehawk

+ Huntly Shire (urban) + Shire of Strathfieldsaye. 5 Commissioners were appointed to get this Greater City Bendigo into shape.

This seemed in retrospect a good move, as Bendigo began to develop rapidly compared with sleepy developments in earlier decades.

This should have given Bendigo a good start to meet the expanding size of our city.

Well, we have had a myriad of things proposed in the last 30 years, most of which lend themselves to the Greater Bendigo Council. But we continue to dither.

Council is a democratic institution, which Councillors can use as an excuse for not achieving anything for the ratepayers and residents.

We know that Council has achieved some things in this 30 year period, BUT...

1. A major industrial park has been put on the back burner. Too difficult!

2. Bypass of urban area (suggested North Huntly-Marong-Ravenswood intersection.)

3. New site for tip. Recycling; organic waste; general waste 4 years left at Eaglehawk.

4. Hargreaves Mall and so called bus shelter .Cover mall and move bus shelter to the actual bus stop ! And a hotel complex in the mall. You got to be joking.

Council cannot say a central hub is necessary or even a good idea. A new law court complex is well overdue but do we need it in the CBD ? We return to the car parking problem for the CBD: it has not been solved in 40 years and we are looking at making parking a greater problem by this so-called consolidation.

Why would we want VicRoads in this so called HUB or other government departments be better in this HUB ? I have lived in Bendigo for 70 years and I cannot see why putting everything in a central HUB is going to be any benefit for ratepayers and residents."

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