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Partnership ripped to shreds

It looks like the Bendigo Bunch has incurred the wrath of current local member of Parliament Jacinta Allan amid their PR disaster trying to gloss over genuine and growing community concern over the rust-bucket model of her beloved GovHub.

Since the beginning of this sad and sorry tale about the local council selling out on Bendigo and jumping into bed with the masters from Spring Street, council and government websites have kept referring to the dud deal as a partnership between council and government.

Spinning out of control and no idea what wool they tried to pull over the eyes of  people in Bendigo this morning let alone months and months ago, they have suddenly realised another big “oops” in the story they have been trotting out.

Obviously, Jacinta finally spent a few days in Bendigo in recent weeks and bothered to check up on what her minions in the Bendigo Bunch had been doing.

And we reckon she just might have cracked it.  There for all to see, and widely reported here on all year had been a proclamation of the great partnership that will see Bendigo more than $1 billion worse off than regional rival Ballarat, lose money, lose land, lose buildings and leave ratepayers to meet a predicted shortfall of even  more millions of dollars on the hack GovHub scheme.

Was there then an edict to erase all mention of the partnership? Well, it’s certainly been deleted in the great spirit of council earlier threatening to shut down any comments or questions about GovHub on its facebook page.

Yes, suddenly the partnership has been torn up, ripped to shred, ditched and dumped.

So it now looks like the State Government down there in Melbourne will take whatever we have in Bendigo and not even say boo.

The story keeps changing and the rules are never the same from one day to the next.  Will Bendigo Bunch chief servant Craig Niemann keep his spot on the project control group?  Will his name still end up on the GovHub plaque as a co-architect of a scheme that gifts government funds and support to Ballarat and the La Trobe Valley while Bendigo loses big time?

The member for Bendigo East may well be quite unhappy that the Bendigo Bunch has bungled her precious GovHub project. What a surprise: it’s another Carter farm controversy and akin to more money disasters like the Hargreaves Mall.

Unfortunately for this unBendigo axis of betrayal, it has been recorded that a sudden change of status has occurred.

How many more error messages still to come on dud GovHub from Ms Allan and the Bendigo Bunch?

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