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People know it's a real dud. Do councillors?

These are the voices of the people of Bendigo ... is the Bendigo Bunch listening?

Not the right time for project

Under no circumstances, should council consider this plan. You're like kids in a lolly shop - gotta have!

Isn't it time council considered its highly-indebted ratepayers?

Let Bendigo point the way and look after what we have, not go on a shopping spree - particularly now.

Paying rent for our own property? Got rocks in your heads! Get your heads out of the clouds.

Glenn Ford, Kangaroo Flat

Financial future at risk

Extraordinary incompetence and recklessness from a group of people without business acumen.

This impending decision will have a huge impact on Bendigo's financial future after these decision makers are dead and gone.

John Bradbury, Bendigo

Voters will judge this decision

There has been a lot of conversation back and forth, for and against, regarding the GovHub project.

I haven't gotten involved, my opinion is of no consequence.

What I do know is that the residents and ratepayers are the ones who vote councils in, and as we found out at the last election, can vote them out again.

The council will do what ever they want. As they always do.

The residents will show them whether they approve at the ballot box.

Murray McPhie, Epsom

Action needed before it's too late

When are the council going to listen to the ratepayers? They have history and we don't forget!

"They will be considering/voting the decision next week."

What a joke.

It's already a done deal!

They treat us like fools but we are not the ones selling our houses to then pay rent for the rest of our lives!

Who do we turn to before it's too late?

I've emailed Senator Sarah Henderson but our local members are all for it.

K White, West Bendigo

* As printed in the Bendigo Advertiser today

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