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Red faces amid the GovHub fails

The Bendigo Bunch and their State Government masters in Spring Street have been caught out again on the dud GovHub they’re spruiking for Bendigo.

Coming hotter on the heels than a summer heat wave after being caught out on simple maths, these partners in a project of Bendigo betrayal have suddenly stopped calling GovHub a one-stop shop.

With faces that should be brighter with embarrassment than a searing summer sun, they are now trying to pull the shade over peering eyes of Bendigo residents and call GovHub a multi-service facility. The faces are so red they’d be gonged off on Hey Hey It’s Saturday - hang on, the Bendigo Bunch would probably say it was Sunday!.

Is this confirmation of our earlier report that vehicle testing and specialist agricultural services will not be located in Lyttleton Terrace but at the council depot in Adam Street?

Another reason the Bendigo Bunch must release the GovHub business plan to the community of Bendigo for proper consultation and scrutiny.

It raises more questions – how much extra money will be spent to accommodate these government services on the Adam Street site? Was the Adam Street site considered as a location for GovHub? How many staff will be relocated from Epsom to Adam Street? How many staff will be relocated from East Bendigo to Adam Street?

And what does that do to the numbers at a Lyttleton Terrace GovHub talked about by the councillor wanting to create the title of “mayor for life” Margaret O’Rourke and Bendigo’s failed mathematics professor and guest lecturer in betrayal Jacinta Allan, she who has previously stuffed up local school buildings and rail track capacity and now spends more time championing Ballarat than Bendigo?

We already know there at least 45 jobs have gone missing from GovHub. Lots of promises but few commitments and that could explain another fail for the Bendigo Bunch in the subject of English comprehension.

In the face on growing community anger and scrutiny, they’re now trying to say GovHub has been on the table for six years.

That’s a bigger load of rubbish than is rotting away at the Eaglehawk landfill. Council, so desperate to deflect attention to the stench around GovHub, have muddled themselves and confused GovHub with a recommendation of an independent review into council for the consolidation of council jobs into a single location.

The independent review did not recommend selling the land and buildings, giving the State Government more than $16 million and paying top-dollar commercial rent to a government profit-making business or private equity owner for decades to come.

The independent review did not recommend council abandon its independence and become joined-at-the-hip servants of the State Government.

Sadly, the independent review did not recommend remedial classes in mathematics and English comprehension for the Bendigo Bunch and CEO Craig Niemann. It should have sent them all to night school!!

In Bendigo, we are fighting for proper accountability and consultation before GovHub goes another step forward.

Sign our petition to the Parliament to bring a halt to this project until we have seen the business plan and can make informed decisions on the future of our proud and passionate city. We cannot have a monkey on our backs any longer.

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