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Residents dumbfounded: where's the logic?

Updated: May 6, 2020

In their rush to keep the Melbourne-centric State Government happy and back the extravagance of comfy chairs and desks in a dud GovHub, City of Greater Bendigo is heading for another disaster.

They are shunning local best interests and certainly not explaining their bad decisions to residents.

Here are what Bendigo people are saying about GovHub:

I believe the Bendigo Council should NOT sell our land and buildings, but feel they will unless the people Bendigo start to get serious, and feel that a protest rally like that was organised at the lake many years ago would be a good start.

There are two sites within the boundaries of Bendigo city that could be used to build said GovHub without demolishing the current Council building. The Golden Square Secondary School site and the Primary school site on the corner of Smith and Nolan Streets. Anybody who needs to visit the Council offices OR anybody who will need to visit a future Government office will need to travel by car or bus to get there. What would be the difference between getting to a central location and getting to an outer location? Both these sites are state Government owned and vacant, ready to build on!
Tradies needing to organize building permits, etc., will find it easier to park their utes/trailers or trucks out of the central business district to do so.
Either of these sites could be built on without disrupting Council business and without the need to rent other buildings.
For heavens sake, where's the logic and basic sense in what is planned at this time?

Time to listen to locals and put a halt to all GovHub decisions. You cannot ignore the will of the people.

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