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Today, Mayor Margaret O’Rourke, CEO Niemann and councillors of the City of Greater Bendigo were all challenged to confirm or deny the rent council will pay in 2022 if they were to shift into a State Government GovHub.

Is it is more than $2.5 million a year, they were asked? Just for rent and not taking into account any outgoings.

Mayor O’Rourke acknowledged our email prior to tonight's council meeting that decided to go from landowner to tenant on the Lyttleton Terrace site. But did she deny our figure: No she did not.

Therefore, we can only say the figure is correct.

This $2.5 million annual figure would easily finance keeping our land, renovating and extending the existing building, even constructing a new one, as Councillor George Flack said in voting against the council sell-out.

Congratulations to Cr Flack and Cr Andrea Metcalfe – you disclosed many flaws in council’s urgency to knock down our home and sell off our land.

Cr Matt Emond’s childish rebut of Cr Metcalfe could have been seen as intimidation by some of lesser strength and conviction.

Unlike Councillors Flack and Metcalfe who voted against the sell-out, Cr Emond was part of the State Government cheer squad led by the Mayor with Councillors Fyffe, Hawke, Williams and Pethybridge gushingly in stride. Cr Alden again abstained on this dud GovHub decision, ruled as a "no" vote by the Mayor.

The battle for Bendigo’s independence now enters a new phase with council elections due in October.

Bring it on.

Those who tonight voted “yes” - you have sold out our independence.

The Bendigo Alliance will continue to work and listen to the community, making councillors accountable for an appalling betrayal.

Here’s a paragraph of a letter, one of many we received today, from a concerned resident:

You will continue to hear more from the Bendigo Alliance … join us for our next Virtual Town Hall meeting this Friday 7.30pm

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1 commentaire

20 mai 2020

Very disappointed. These councillors and CEO are utter crooks. I congratulate Andrea Metcalf and George Flack for standing up for the Ratepayers.

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