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Golden Square swimming pool and the dud GovHub deal – what’s the difference?

Compare this report by the Bendigo Advertiser from tonight’s City of Greater Bendigo council meeting with what has happened and been said by councillors on the dud GovHub

7.14pm: Golden Square Swimming Pool item is up now. Cr Emond is reading it out.

A deferral is not something council does take lightly, Cr Emond said, describing it as an extraordinary circumstance.

"I don't think I've read an email happy with the recommendation," he said.

Cr Fyffe, who seconded the motion, said there was a need for further consideration.

By continuing the dialogue council can find a better solution, he said.

The other thing he said he had noticed was there was a number of questions people wanted clarification of.

"What we have is the cricket club saying the pool decision is everyone coming together and talking about it and I think we need to respect that," Cr Fyffe said.

He sees the need for more in-depth analysis.

Cr Alden said poor communication had been the hallmark of the whole process, and the community was poorer for it.

She described the hard-working local group that is the Golden Square Pool as a shining light and is running through its achievements and benefits for the community.

"This community in general has been treated unfairly through the uncertainty of this whole process," Cr Alden said.

She believed not all user groups had an opportunity to meet, even informally, since the last formal meeting.

Cr Hawke said she would like further time to consider the decision.

"I'm a lot more comfortable with this recommendation put forward by Cr Emond," she said.

Cr Metcalf is speaking but I can barely hear her.

I think she's saying there could be an alternative recommendation, but I can't hear what it is. If anyone is checking audio levels, please help!

Cr Emond said a deferral is vital for all user groups.

He said there was no magic fairy dust that was going to come up with a magic solution until all user groups had an opportunity to discuss.

The alternate motion had five for it, one against, and one abstaining

You be the judge.

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