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Sshhhh – cone of silence for curtain consultation

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Would you believe? Well the not very smart Bendigo Bunch is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of residents and ratepayers by having a dud GovHub community consultation session on Saturday and they haven’t really told anyone.

Sad but true, neither partner in the GovHub project now costing more than $100 million and rising faster than a hot summer sun did not advertise the curtain colour selection session in the city’s newspaper at the weekend.

City of Greater Bendigo and partner in betrayal Regional Development Victoria have only bothered to put a teaser on social media and the RDV website.

As clear as day, they are hoping no one turns up at Bendigo Town Hall on Saturday at 10am.

It’s real cone of silence treatment for the people of Bendigo who are having the city’s home and most valuable CBD asset sold from under them without any real and genuine consultation let alone say.

The Bendigo Bunch and RDV keep handballing to each other the responsibility for this dud project that sees council give the cheque straight back to government and becomes a high-rent paying tenant.

Any more handballs and someone will get, as they say among the crowd at Queen Elizabeth Oval every winter weekend, a hospital pass.

They think we’ll lose interest in this low-standard game and stop asking the questions that to date they have been unable to answer with clarity. Bendigo Bunch and RDV think they can bluff us with fluff, keep withholding information and it will all just go away.

Well in the countdown to this after the horse has bolted style of consultation, will keep alerting residents of our proud city that their independence is at risk and attendance at Saturday’s session will continue adding to the growing drive to make council and government accountable for their betrayal of this city.

We’ll be asking the hard questions once more. Will fair questions make these bureaucrats blush so much they match the colour swatch for the curtains favoured by Jacinta Allen, who claims to be the local MP, and her close ally the Mayor?

We might even deliver an invoice to the Undynamic Duo for services in promoting a style of consultation CEO Craig Niemann once said was out of date when it came to dud GovHub.

One thing is certain as much as the red curtain, this Bendigo Bunch's cone of silence must be broken up and deposited at the Eaglehawk landfill.

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