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The Addy: no longer a roadblock to having a voice?

Bendigo Advertiser editor Nicole Ferrie has taken to social media this evening to announce that come Friday, she will no longer be at the Addy.

Her "premature" announcement on her own facebook page (not the Addy) claims to have given people and issues a voice whose voices would otherwise not be heard during her tenure as editor, a period that has seen standing and respect of the once great newspaper plummet as fast as that of the local council.

But in Ms Ferrie’s masking of reality, is it an early audition for a new job on the staff of members of Parliament Jacinta Allan or Maree Edwards or, who knows, even a nice well-paid role in Spring Street as a token of appreciation for the armchair ride she gave the Labor Party on tough local issues while also pushing a social engineering agenda that would make even the greenest of Greens blush.

Ms Ferrie as editor has actually denied a voice to so many people in Bendigo. If there was criticism of her pals on council or the Labor Party, it was brushed aside, ignored or overlooked.

Not once has the soon-to-be erstwhile Bendigo Advertiser editor shown true leadership reflective of the community in tackling government and council with the hard questions about the dud GovHub proposal that council is ramming through in contemptuous betrayal of the people.

We have provided multiple media releases and pages of reasonable questions to the Advertiser, ignored by the outgoing editor. Afterall, she could not risk upsetting her pals.

We even requested a meeting with Ms Ferrie to discuss our concerns. Not only did the meeting not eventuate, she did not have the courtesy of acknowledging our request. So much for her assertion of giving a voice to the people who would otherwise be ignored – the people who would once religiously buy the Addy every day.

It will be interesting to see what happens next for the editorial leadership and direction of the Addy, our Addy.

With a little bit of luck, the cosy relationship between editor and council has come to an end.

The people of Bendigo might yet get their voice back and respect a paper that holds an elected council to account.

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