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The Bendigo Bunch … accepting things by half

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

“Why does City of Greater have to sell/use the Lyttleton Terrace site? They already own twice this area of land sitting spare at the rear of the Adam St council depot. Google earth shows it vacant apart from piles of earth. And if they argue the toxicity of the soil then ask them why a soil merchant is currently using it as storage. Also, they had no problem approving the day surgery on the old stone crushing site either.”

Benny has asked a perfectly reasonable question through the consultation process conducted by since the decision of betrayal by the Bendigo Bunch back in February to sell the city’s home.

It’s one of the many questions that need to be asked … and answered at this Saturday’s dud GovHub community consultation session in the Town Hall at 10am.

This flawed GovHub fails the sniff test, the barbecue test and the neighour test in one almighty combined assessment plus there’s the appalling grasp on its mathematics by the person who claims to represent Bendigo in State Parliament but actually betrays our city, Jacinta Allan.

The profuse application of sugar coating by Jacinta and her fellow red curtain devotee Mayor O’Rourke to this ultimate act of betrayal of Bendigo people is making resident so ill there’s likely to be further stress and demand at Bendigo Health emergency department. Thank goodness a previous government actually provided more funds than Jacinta was every prepared to commit to the new hospital, lest the queues be even longer.

Of course Jacinta has a real track record of betraying Bendigo – closed five school and replaced them with four, helped rip up the double train track and now her biggest to date, giving Ballarat a far superior GovHub deal than the low-hanging fruit option imposed on Bendigo.

Good thing Jacinta and the Mayor are not planning to enter showbusiness. They might get plenty of hisses and boos from the audience but there’s no applause for their treatment of Bendigo.

It’s all about doing things by half for Jacinta and the Bendigo Bunch – a prime example is the promised 100 “new jobs” that is now only 55.

Any wonder the town hall flag may well be at half mast for the dud GovHub community consultation on Saturday.

And another question: as this is likely to become a major event, will the Bendigo Bunch be forced to erect crowd control barriers to shield them from probing questions being asked by concerned residents of Bendigo who fear losing the city home.

Council’s love affair with crowd-control measures has already seen the Bendigo Health Fun Run blocked out of the CBD and abandoned, old diggers up on arms at having to pay to commemorate service and sacrifice on ANZAC Day.

Looks like it’s all about keeping people out, away and quiet.

All the more reason to turn up on Saturday and put the questions of Benny and others firmly on the table for the Bendigo Bunch and their State Government puppet masters to answer.

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