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The people are speaking: Elsie is not happy

First a senator speaks in Canberra, now Bendigo people are taking social media and letters to the editor of the Bendigo Advertiser - they want answers on GovHub before we go from homeowner to homerenter giving our money to the State Government.

Elsie Smith, of Huntly wrote in the Addy this week:

Can someone please break ranks to get some honest answers on this GovHub scheme council and the Bendigo Advertiser say is so good.
We have to know how much council will pay when going from home owner to home renter for the city offices.
We also want to know how much it will cost ratepayers for a multi-storey car park to accommodate the so-called GovHub.
Please tell us now, not when it is all done and dusted behind closed doors.
Or has the horse already bolted without anyone telling us?
Will the City and ratepayers be left with a gigantic bill that could impact on the future council’s ability to provide essential services for decades to come and maybe a higher rates bill for us?

Have something to say, write to the Bendigo Advertiser

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