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There’s monkey on the back of this Bendigo Bunch

Great teams have disappeared over the years. The famous Fitzroy Football Club, BCV 8 is no more, 3BO is known by some other name, it may as well be the Bendigo Bank now it has no local directors on the board and City of Greater Bendigo is heading down the same sorry path as it sells out local independence to the State Government.

The dud GovHub will be the most soul-destroying project in Bendigo since the SEC ditched the famous trams in the 1970s, and that’s before the wreckers move in and knock down the city’s home while the Bendigo Bunch stage a media stunt out the front handing the cheque straight back to government and signing a contract to be a high-rent tenant for generations to come.

While top servant of the Bendigo Bunch, CEO Craig Niemann, has ingloriously failed in his attempt to justify the absence of any community consultation on selling our key CBD asset, there’s a chance this Saturday to have a say at least on the curtain colour and how many coffee shops you want in the dud building.

Perhaps the missing 45 new workers - remember, Mayor O’Rourke and the MP who claims to represent Bendigo but actually betrays us to Spring Street, Jacinta Allan claimed 100 new government jobs until they admitted only 55 are confirmed – might be found in one of these coffee shops putting stains on the curtain colour swatches.

Of course they will have get past Mayor O’Rourke who has already bowed to the State Government by erecting big ugly concrete blocks at major events in the name of stopping attacks in our community, costing the city some big events.

But that’s okay, at least the good citizens of Bendigo can still head to the QEO and watch the football without dodging council security, obstacles and any other barriers face every day when trying to get answers from the GovHub partners City of Greater Bendigo and Regional Development Victoria and copies of the business plan. It’s easier to buy the BFL Record.

In fact, there’s more transparency in a game of football than any council decision on GovHub.

So before checking out the big games in local footy or settling into the lounge chair to watch the big heros in the AFL this Saturday, head to Bendigo Town Hall at 10am and put the pressure on the Bendigo Bunch about the dud GovHub.

It’s a sure bet they will pull a hamstring by half-time as they stumble and fumble trying to take control of play.

Bendigo’s passion and independence are worth it. Don’t let the Bendigo Bunch slip through the pack in a passage of betrayal.

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