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This is ridiculous, says Kathy

The people of Bendigo can see it, the people of Australia are hearing it but for some reason Bendigo council and the State Government are oblivious to the costly reality of their disasters.

Here's an update on what people are saying in the Bendigo Advertiser and online

Kathy White Bendigo
GovHub needs review: Thank goodness someone is going to look into this.
Nearly $1 million a year for rent for the next 40 years!
The whole thing is ridiculous. Luckily the ratepayers can manager their own property/money and are not relying on council! No one would own anything.

Colin Carrington
Bendigo’s Gov Hub deal - stinks. It no way resembles the good, fair deal that Ballarat has been given

Penny Guy-Watt
Jacinta Allen is selling out her home town! An independent inquiry is exactly what we need. #Bendigodeservesbetter

Chris Green
The civic offices were designed by local architect William V Mitchell, in his usual sensible design he did design the offices to be extended and to incorporate two whole floors extra

Mark Chapman
How can something be costly and unfunded?

Write to the Bendigo Advertiser and have your voice heard.

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