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Welcome to Gilligan's Island … where Bendigo Bunch gives away land and money

Well Bendigo is becoming a gold-digger’s paradise for all the wrong reasons, thanks ever so much to the Bendigo Bunch abandoning the riches of the city as they literally give away the hard-earned assets.

Almost as if cut off from the realities of modern civilisation and finding themselves marooned on an island, this Bendigo Bunch has taken on the comedic persona of the zany crew and passengers from the SS Minnow in Gilligan’s Island.

Bowing to the superior position of the professor, they are blindly following one dud plan after the other – selling off the council offices in Lyttleton Terrace to the State Government and handing the cheque straight back to new owners.

They are even going to have a look at other parts of Bendigo – carparks are in the mix for a potential asset disposal to developers at a time Bendigo is crying out for better parking in the CBD.

This disconnected island mentality will risk the future of Bendigo as an independent, passionate and proud regional city. Selling off the city jewels as they pander to the new masters in Melbourne is not what Bendigo has been about.

What other cities in Australia would embark on such a crazy, ill-informed journey? Ballarat won’t. Geelong won’t.

Perhaps it’s time for the skipper and crew, elected to represent the people of Bendigo, to stand up to the passengers and take back control.

If you think we need proper consultation on selling assets and no more bowing to the “professors”, sign out petition

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