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What the Mayor really meant to say

Extravagant, wasteful and doing whatever they want, that’s City of Greater Bendigo with a CBD plan that dishes up projects like a dud GovHub that has not been approved or finally adopted by the council.

Are they trying to change to rules first, without consultation and endorsement from the residents of Bendigo? It is looking a bit that way.

Rather than stating things as they really are, Mayor Margaret O’Rourke borrows from the State Government’s dwindling stock of sugar-coated accessories to tell, repeat tell, us what council will do without any regard for the views and voices of the people.

This is what Cr O’Rourke really meant in her futile attempt to sell the CBD plan to residents and ratepayers.

“It is encouraging to know so much activity will soon be visible in the centre of Bendigo even if it had not been approved by council and the community consulted.

“Council has been working hard behind the scenes to ram through what we want while ignoring the voices and wishes of the people.

“Our vision is to jump the gun on planning guidelines for the centre of Bendigo and change the rules before we vote on GovHub.

“We might even be able to waste a few more million dollars on another refresh of infrastructure in Hargreaves Mall to plaster over previous disasters.

“The Bendigo City Centre Plan sets out our vision – don’t worry about what the people want and need - so that developers and businesses like the State Government and its profit-making arms can carry on regardless and also shows the community how we the council want our city centre to be.

“There has been a lot of work happen over the last few years on this project and others in the city centre. It’s an exciting time for the centre of Bendigo as we prepare to waste more time and more money working against the wishes of Bendigo people.”

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