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#yourrighttoknow – silence when it comes to dud GovHub

A week ago, concerned that the only and most important print media outlet in Bendigo rarely reports on community concern about the dud GovHub deal being dished imposed on our community, we wrote to The Bendigo Advertiser editor requesting a meeting.

In our letter, we said: “We were impressed with The Bendigo Advertiser’s and the Australian Community Media’s campaign to defend against growing threats to freedom of the press in Australia, and the fight for the public's right to know in the face of increasing attempts by government and government agencies [and councils], to suppress information. 

“The principled position the Bendigo Advertiser has taken has given us hope that the paper will search for the truth around the proposed GovHub on council land. 

“Our research reveals evidence that leads us to believe the City of Greater Bendigo, by omission and commission, is unjustifiably supressing the public’s right to meaningful detail that would enable it to make an informed decision. 

“We also have noted a number of serious inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the City of Greater Bendigo’s public presentation of matters around the proposed GoHub that the public has the right to know. 

“It is significant, that not once has council conducted any form of public question and answer meeting to establish a case for a GovHub, nor did it ever explain the steps and processes it was undertaking, or clarify what other cities’ comparative GovHub arrangements were. It is also worth noting this is the largest project council has ever undertaken and possibly the most expensive, yet council has no opportunity cost analysis. 

“Given The Bendigo Advertiser’s principled position we request a meeting with you in coming days to explore this GovHub matter, with the desire that the paper will then check the veracity of both the council’s and our claims which we will present to you. Based on the checked evidence, the Bendigo Advertiser take no action, or undertake to publish investigative reports without fear or favour, and/or publish a public letter from us that outlines our claims.” 

Sadly, this important attempt to have meaningful dialogue with The Bendigo Advertiser has not even received an acknowledgement.

Unlike the Bendigo Bunch that as a puppet of the State Government is a mere shadow of its former self, we will happily submit to scrutiny of the facts as we and many in the community that The Advertiser is meant to mirror believe them to be at this time based on our in-depth independent research and inquiry.

The matter does not end with the editor’s snub of our genuine request. The matter will now elevated with the fervent wish the #yourrighttoknow of this community will match the principled campaign being conducted by the media against the highest level of government in Australia.

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